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Aapke Vikas ke Humsafar

Our main goal is to become the first choice for semi-urban and rural households looking for financial assistance for business loans, home renovations, or home extensions.

About the company

The company has been conceived with the aim of providing secured income enhancement loans to small & Micro Enterprises in urban/ semi-urban India.

Most of the existing financial institutions are unable to cater to a vast number of small and micro business units /households as they have no income documents to substantiate their earnings.

It is poignant to note that despite having Jan Dhan Bank Accounts these households continue to be outside the purview of formal banking

It is common knowledge that absence of availability of formal credit to these households leads to them getting brutally exploited at the hands of the local money lenders.

Microfinance Institutions do provide small ticket size loans to such households. Such loans are based on the hugely successful Joint Group Liability Model but lack the expertise of collateral based individual lending. Further they are unable to cater to credit demands exceeding the cumulative threshold level of 1.25 Lacs.
It is this missing middle that Sarvjan seeks to provide credit so that the same can be deployed in their small businesses leading to increased monthly income

With our experience based knowledge of lending to this segment Sarvjan views this as a huge opportunity to create an impact in the lives of millions of our countrymen while via a commercially viable business model.

Our Vision

To help 1 million in rural area in india to lead a better life in next 10 years

to enchance and imporve the status of women in bharat

to do it with the speed ,simplicity and consistency

What is the problem that we solve ?

Large Enterprises Formal Manufacturing SMEs Formal, Informal small Enterprises, Small retail & Micro Businesses. Very large Micro level Informal Economies Industrial, Business groups, Large Enterprises. Easy & cheap access to capital. PSU Banks, Private Banks Established Enterprises, have access to capital, File ITRs, GST registration. Private Banks, Large NBFCs. Small retailers, No income documents. Individuals with household income of 25k-40k/month. No access to formal credit through banks. Very limited access to funds for growing business. Less than 20k/ month low income no access to capital. Just enough to survive. Meagre Earnings via Daily Wages, Low land holding. Segment addressed partly by MFIs. Largely dependent on money lenders for capital.

Total digital organization

No Manual Receipts

App based calling To track efficiency.

Simple Scan based, Paperless logins.

Native intelligence Based U/W for smarter, faster & accurate & decisions.

Digital Disbursements

App Based stationary, asset, branch management.

App Based joining Onboarding, resignations

Intended Objective

The objective of the company is to provide mortgages ranging from INR One Lac to INR Ten Lacs to small & micro enterprises / entrepreneurs in the informal sector.

These finances are made available to the customer at a reasonable cost and delivered in a transparent and timely manner.

We believe that by creating new economic opportunities for deserving men and women we can transform communities and enrich lives while being commercially viable

Sarvjan Values

Sarvjan Promise


One page application form, easy to fill.


No agents,
no commission.


No hidden charges.


Fair & reliable.


Fast turnaround,
electronic disbursement.


Footprints & Area of operations

For new branch openings and expansion the company relies on following principles:

  • Focus on Tier 3 & Tier 4 Towns
  • Each hub (branch) to have 3- 6 spokes
  • Spokes to grow to future Hubs based on criteria being met
  • Expansion will be contigious and in phased manner to other States