The company has been conceived with the aim of providing financial assistance / loans to small & Micro Enterprises in urban/ semi-urban India. While primarily focused on the small & micro enterprises / households in the informal economy, Sarvjan will also cater to informal sector households who have been denied access to financing / mortgages from existing financial institutions.

The company has obtained the COR for an NBFC ( Non Deposit Taking ) from the Reserve Bank of India.

The organized financial sector is unable to meet the requirement of the micro and small enterprises s who despite having Jan Dhan accounts continue to be outside the purview of the formal Banking/ Financial system. In effect, a large number of such households have little or no access to formal credit.

Presently the ability of existing financial institutions to provide loans to small and micro business units /households having a monthly income between Rupees fifteen thousand to Rupees Fifty thousand per month is largely restrictive.

We see this as a huge market opportunity. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of this customer segment & the inherent unsatisfied needs of this segment Sarvjan views this as a double bottom-line opportunity - while being commercially viable it will also create a large scale social impact.


The prime objective of SARVJAN's is to provide mortgages ranging from Rupees Two Lacs to Rs. ten Lacs to small & micro enterprises / entrepreneurs in the informal sector. These finances are made available at a reasonable cost and delivered in a simple and a transparent manner.

We believe that by creating new economic opportunities for deserving men and women we can transform communities and enrich lives.




  • Work towards gaining customer's trust
  • Every action comes with strong moral responsibility
  • Complete transparency when dealing with all associates of the company


  • Our customers are our family
  • Exceed expectations to achieve delightful experiences
  • Always interact with empathy and patience


  • Focus on organization quality, performance excellence and continuous improvement
  • Encouraging participatory work environment
  • Improving the quality of life of our customers


  • Hard work and perseverance all the way
  • Strive constantly to meet customer needs
  • Approach any and all work thoroughly and meticulously


  • We are responsible for handling our customers' hard earned assets
  • Our customer should feel comfortable enough to rely on us
  • Complete ownership of all actions




Commenced Operations
in Rajasthan (Ajmer)

    SARVJANs has started operations in Rajasthan with an outlook to gradually expand to neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh & Gujrat.

Initial Reach Plan

  • Focus on Tier 2 & 3 Towns
  • Each branch to have 2/3 Outreach Locations
  • Outreach Locations to grow to future branches on achieving specified criteria
  • Expansion in a phased manner to different states


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